The best types of toys for your guinea pig

Guinea pigs are adorable creatures that make fantastic pets. These small and furry animals require a lot of attention and care to stay healthy and happy. One of the most important things you can do to keep your guinea pig happy is to provide them with toys to play with. Toys are essential for keeping your pet mentally stimulated, promoting physical activity and preventing boredom. Choosing the right toys for your guinea pig can be challenging, but in this article, we will discuss the best types of toys for your furry friend.

Chew Toys

Guinea pigs love to chew, and it's essential to provide them with chew toys to prevent their teeth from overgrowing. Chew toys come in different shapes and sizes, and you can choose from wooden toys, cardboard boxes, and even hay toys. Wooden toys, such as wooden dowels or blocks, are great for reducing boredom and keeping your guinea pig busy. Cardboard boxes, on the other hand, are great for nesting and hiding, while hay toys are perfect for grinding down your pet's teeth and promoting healthy chewing.

Tunnels and Hideaways

Guinea pigs love to play hide and seek, and tunnels and hideaways are perfect for that. You can use cardboard or PVC pipes to create tunnels and hideaways for your guinea pig. These types of toys provide your pet with a place to hide and sleep, reducing stress and anxiety. You can also add a few treats inside the tunnels and watch your pet find them.

Exercise Wheels

Exercise wheels are not only for hamsters and mice; guinea pigs also love them. These types of toys allow your pet to run and exercise, which is crucial for their overall health. Exercise wheels come in different sizes, and you can choose one that fits your pet's size. It's essential to choose an exercise wheel made of plastic or metal instead of wire, as wire wheels can harm your pet's feet.


Guinea pigs love to play with balls, and it's an excellent way to keep them active. You can choose a plastic ball with air vents, which is safe for your pet to play with, or a tennis ball, which is perfect for chasing around. Balls promote physical activity and are a great way to bond with your pet.

Hay Racks

Hay racks are an essential toy for your guinea pig, as they provide them with a constant supply of hay. These types of toys also prevent hay from getting dirty and contaminated, reducing the risk of your pet getting sick. You can choose from plastic or metal hay racks, and it's essential to choose one that fits your pet's size.


Providing your guinea pig with toys is essential for their mental and physical health. Chew toys, tunnels and hideaways, exercise wheels, balls, and hay racks are some of the best types of toys for your furry friend. It's essential to choose toys that are safe for your pet to play with and that promote physical activity and mental stimulation. By providing your guinea pig with toys, you'll be able to keep them happy, healthy, and entertained.